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Go for Grandma



Inspired by the iconic ’80s fantasy films we all grew up on, GO FOR GRANDMA is a journey into the mind of a young boy who escapes a neglectful home life through his grandmother’s love and the power of his imagination.


Statement from Fabrizio Mancinelli

When Sabrina Doyle approached me to compose the score for her special featurette “Go for Grandma,” I was thrilled. It was an unparalleled chance to delve into my passion for 1980s orchestral fantasy music, which has always resonated deeply with me. Taking cues primarily from the script, I crafted a musical journey that perfectly mirrored the film’s fantastical elements — unicorns, dragons, ladybugs, and a dream sequence amidst the ocean. The score also includes moments of experimental flair, like the poignant cue “I don’t want to live with you anymore,” and variations on the main theme that culminate in the end credits suite. I’m profoundly grateful to Sabrina, our director, Ron Cohen, our producer, and Scott Patterson, our executive producer, for their unwavering faith in me and their insistence on my involvement. My heartfelt thanks also go to our editor, Banner Gwin, whose collaborative spirit greatly enriched the creative process. And, of course, I owe immense gratitude to the Synchron Stage Orchestra, my music team, and the Skywalker Sound team, whose invaluable contributions were essential in achieving these results.


Statement from Director Sabrina Doyle

For Go for Grandma, we needed a score as big as a child’s imagination. A score that conjures up images of fantastical creatures and faraway lands. And recalls the ‘80s movies we were so inspired by. Fabrizio, whose heart is as full and bursting as a child’s, came up with a sweeping, romantic orchestral score that feels classic in many ways, but also has striking notes of dissonance and anxious energy for the moments when our boy character, Lucian, is processing trauma. When I think of Fabrizio’s score, the thing that occurs to me most is how much it dignifies the experience of being a child. It takes children’s hopes and dreams and even their brokenness seriously. And the score is absolutely key to making Go for Grandma a big screen spectacle. It fills the room, from the rumbling lows to the trilling highs. It’s a score fit for an epic childhood adventure.